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With an extensive background in highway accident investigation and reconstruction, Cover Consulting, Inc. provides expert assistance to attorneys, insurance companies and others. Cover Consulting brings a combination of qualifications and a depth of experience to the task of providing reliable expert opinion and information. Cover Consulting works with each client individually, with dedication to service as well as cost efficiency.

The field of “forensic collision analysis” is a scientific discipline which depends upon a thorough examination and investigation of automobile collisions. From initial response to court testimony, Cover Consulting provides its clients with comprehensive services using the industry's most modern technologies and methods to produce reliable information while addressing the client’s concerns.
Some areas of expertise are:
  • Highway collision investigation and reconstruction involving:
    single/multiple passenger vehicle, pedestrian, tractor-trailer, bus,
    motorcycle and bicycle collisions
  • Establishment of vehicle speeds involved in collisions
  • Time and distance relationships
  • Direction of principal force analysis
  • Lamp examinations for determining their on/off position at impact
  • Trace evidence collection
  • Analysis of occupant restraint utilization and positioning
  • Vehicle and roadway data collection
  • Vehicle testing and visibility studies
  • Forensic mapping of accident sites
  • Preperation of scaled drawings for use as demonstrative evidence
  • Crash Data Retrieval System
  • Expert testimony

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